Reflect upon this period in your life and ask yourself:

Where am I at in my life right now?

Think about what kind of a time this is for you. See if there was a particular event or experience that marked the beginning of this period. Then think about the chief characteristics of this period, the quality of your life right now. Is it a hectic time? A calm period? A time of crisis? A period of transition and change? A dull, stagnant period? Close your eyes and meditate on your life at the present time.

Draw any images, colors, forms that reflect where you are at in your life at this particular time. Also, write about this period.

Uses:This is an excellent way to take stock periodically, to keep current with your inner response to the conditions that surround you. This gives you a chance to see what is happening and opens up options for change if that feels appropriate. It can be a way to appreciate what your life is like and enjoy it even more if this is a good time for you.

Where Am I At? Where Am I At?




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