What Will I Discover?

What Will I Discover?

What Will I DiscoverI hope this is the most rewarding journey of your life. Why shouldn’t it be? The Creative Journal is about YOU. It’s a therapeutic tool for GETTING TO KNOW YOURSELF BETTER, body and mind, heart and soul.

Using techniques based on expressive arts therapies and my original brain/mind and creativity research, you’ll find out:

What you really feel and think
How to decode your dreams and use the informationhidden there
Where you’re at in your life and where you’re going
How your own body can be a healer and guide
How to remove blocks to creativity
How to re-parent your inner child and find the creative child within
What your true heart’s desire is
How to find spiritual guidance within

You’ll be doing all this while playing with new media of expression:

drawing and doodling
color and images
creative writing and poetry
written dialogues

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