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This is a dialogue between your Vulnerable Child (who feels weak, frightened, upset) and your Inner Nurturing Parent (who gives comfort and support). The Nurturing Parent writes with your dominant hand and asks the child what it wants and needs. Let the Inner Child write with your non-dominant hand and tell exactly what it's feeling, what's missing in the relationship, and what to do about it. Let your Nurturing Parent build trust by telling the Inner Child how it will fulfill the Child's requests.

Whenever you are feeling upset, sit down and let your Vulnerable Child write its feelings out with your non-dominant hand. With your dominant hand, let your Nurturing Parent respond with love and encouragement. This is an excellent exercise to do whenever you are feeling discontented or confused. Often, it is at these times that your Inner Child is feeling either ignored or criticized by your Inner Parent.

Benefits:This exercise gives you a chance to recognize openly the feelings that are often associated with denial, distress, and pain. It also lets you DO something about these feelings by activating the opposite aspect of your personality, the strong, nurturing side. Instead of only seeking support from outside, you can find it within and thereby reduce your demands upon others. The end result is greater self reliance and wholeness. Also, if you learn to nurture yourself, you can give to others with a feeling of abundance from a truly generous spirit.