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Close your eyes and ask yourself:

What does the word creative mean to me personally? How does the creative spirit live in me? How do I express my creativity in my everyday life, activities, relationships?

Meditate upon your creative self.

Draw your creative self in any graphic style that feels right for you: symbols, abstract design, doodles, cartoon, picture, etc.My Creative Self

Look at what you've drawn and write down your reactions. Then let your creative self speak to you (in the first person, singular), e.g. "I am your creative self . . ." and write it out in your journal. Have a conversation with your creative self, if you wish, asking questions and responding to what it says to you.

Uses:This exercise can help you explore and expand your definition of creativity and to actively experience and express this innate human characteristic. By recognizing and cherishing the creativity you already use without perhaps being consciously aware of it, you can tap hidden potential. This exercise helps you to affirm yourself as you are now and to build inner strength and self-esteem for taking on new challenges.