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Ask yourself the question:

What do my inner and outer self look and feel like at this time in my life ? Think of your inner self as your internal, private world of physical sensations, emotional feelings, fantasies, memories, wishes, thoughts. Your outer self is the part of you that shows to the outside world, the ways in which you express yourself for others to see: your activities, behavior, accomplishments, body, environment.My Inner/Outer selfClose your eyes and meditate on your inner and outer self.

Some images may have come to you which reflect the quality of your inner and outer self at this time. They may be contrasting. For instance, you may feel very active inside with many thoughts and feelings buzzing around. Your external world, on the other hand, might seem quiet, calm or even boring and stagnant.

Draw an expression of your inner and outer self. Use any style that feels right for you: doodles, images, symbols, pictures. You may express both your inner and outer self in one drawing or you may want to use two separate pages if that is more appropriate for you.

Afterwards, look at what you drew. On your next journal page, write your impressions, thoughts, feelings about what your graphic expression "says" to you.

Uses:This is a tool for examining conflict and gaining perspective.