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How the Creative Journal Method Works

You'll be guided through a series of journal activities. Each one is taken from one of my books. These journal exercises have been thoroughly field-tested with hundreds of people of all ages and illustrations were contributed by my clients and students. (You may want to submit your Creative Journal work to me for possible inclusion in future programs.) You can e-mail me at:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or send hard copy to Lucia Capacchione, P.O. Box 1355, Cambria, CA 93428.

The activities you will be doing are only a sampling of my work, (covering twenty years of research and clinical practice). If you findThe Creative Journal Methoduseful, there is a wealth of material in my books and tapes for application to your specific needs: physical healing, emotional release, career and life planning, weight control, recovery from abuse and addictions and more. My books and tapes are listed in myBibliography.

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