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Lucia Capacchione
Ph.D., A.T.R., R.E.A.T.  

Lucia Capacchione is a best-selling author of 18 books and audio CDs. A Registered Art Therapist and pioneering Expressive Arts Therapist, she conducts workshops and professional training using her innovative methods. She is known internationally as an expert in creativity. She sparks and nurtures creativity in all areas of life.

Dr. Capacchione originated:

•The Creative Journal Method, blending writing with drawing
• Healing through writing and drawing with the non-dominant hand
• Inner Child/Inner Family healing through the expressive arts
• The Visioning® process of life design through collage and journaling
• Creative Journal Expressive Arts therapy
Dr. Capacchione was originally a professional artist. She studied with Sister Mary Corita at Immacualate Heart Collge, received her Bachelor’s degree and then worked for renowned designers, Charles and Ray Eames. Later she became a Montessori-trained child development specialist and one of the first Head Start directors in the U.S.

After successful careers in both art and education, Dr. Capacchione stumbled onto the healing power of art and journaling with her non-dominant hand while struggling with a mysterious life-threatening illness. Her full recovery without medication led to a new career as an art therapist.

Dr. Capacchione’s methods are being used worldwide for treating addictions, trauma, and childhood abuse. Many of her books are used as texts in therapy, therapy, psychology, writing and art, career development, applied creativity
And brain balancing. Her work is being used in mental health centers. recovery programs, medical centers and cancer support groups, school systems (kindergarten through college), prisons, health and healing programs, spiritual retreat centers, business and industry.

Dr. Capacchione has consulted for corporations, including Mattel, Hallmark and Walt Disney Imagineering and the clinics such as the Menninger and leading recovery centers. She has taught in the U.S., Canada, Italy, the UK, Australia and Mexico.

Dr. Capacchione has presented at:

Professional and public conferences, retreat centers, colleges and universities in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Italy, Mexico and on cruise ships. In the US, she has presented at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, New York Open Center, Omega Institute, Learning Annex, Whole Life Expo and others.

Since 1998, Dr. Lucia Capacchione and Dr. Marsha Nelson have trained and certified professionals in a year-long work-study program. Creative Journal Expressive Arts Certification Training. See Training

Her books have been translated into twenty languages.


Art Therapist Registered (A.T.R.), American Art Therapy Association
Registration: 1977 (#77-055)

Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (R.E.A.T.), International Expressive Arts Therapy Association
Registration: 1997

Lucia's Mission: In her own words

To find the Divine within and help others do the same through creative expression.

Every individual carries the Divine Spark within. My mission has been to help people of all ages find the "still, small voice within" which the sages and great teachers have spoken of. My methods lead to that well of wisdom and guidance that resides in our very own hearts.

For me, the expressive arts have been the perfect path for finding inner truth and healing. Once found, the truth can also be expressed and reflected in everyday life.

Those who have embraced these methods were looking for many things. Among them were: healing of the body/mind, enhanced creativity, recovery from abuse or trauma, relief from stress and burn-out, recovery from addictions and co-dependence, career direction, more fulfilling relationships, guidance for major life transitions and greater spiritual awareness

What experts have said...

"Lucia's are gentle yet powerful exercises that guide us in the discovery of our own inner wisdom."
-Dr. Joan Borysenko, author Minding the Body, Mending the Mind

"I can pay her no higher compliment than to say that she succeeds in what she sets out to do. She not only helps to bring out the best - but helps to discover that there is a best that is worth bringing out."
-the late Norman Cousins, author Anatomy of an Illness

"The process of healing is the product, and her work guides us in the process, presenting us with tools for change."
-Dr. Bernie Siegel, author Love, Medicine and Miracles

"Lucia Capacchione's workshop was a powerful tool on my healing journey. She shares her insights and gives you the opportunity to heal your relationship with your inner child. Go for it!"
-Louise Hay, author You Can Heal Your Life

"Underlying all of her work is the simple but profound truth that each of us has within ourselves the power to change our lives in positive ways, including healing."
-Robert E. Ault, the late former art therapist with Menninger

"Putting Your Talent to Work, by Lucia Capacchione and Peggy Van Pelt, will help you accept, celebrate, express and use your true talents. As happy and fulfilled as I am, I gained many new insights by doing the exercises in the book. I highly recommend it to all who want greater joy, fulfillment and monetary rewards from their work."
-Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"Recovery of Your Inner Child is the best book I've read yet on how to talk to your Inner Child and find out what it needs. Practical, helpful, and easy."
-Melody Beattie, author Co-Dependent No More

"Recovery of Your Inner Child provides a structure so that we can focus on being Real, and its messages and guidance are safe. It comes from one of the great teachers and therapists of our day."
-Charles L. Whitfield, MD, author Healing the Child Within

"The Power of Your Other Hand is insightful, interesting, and informative. A delight to read."
-Syd Field, sreenwriting guru/author The Screenwriter's Workbook

"Capacchione's work is great! I recommend her books to people I work with who have a variety of problems. I think both drawing and writing encourage a fundamental need that we have for self-expression. There may be an added benefit to writing in that it translates experiences into language— which helps the person to resolve a trauma more quickly."
-Prof. James W. Pennebaker, author, Writing to Heal: A Guided Journal for Recovering from Trauma and Emotional Upheaval