Look back over the day and ask yourself:

What kind of day was it? What were the highlights?

Close your eyes and, in your mind’s eye, replay the movie of your day. Start out by visualizing the first waking moment and then go on to retrace your steps through the day up to the present moment. Recall what happened as best you can, pausing for a second at the highlights: the significant thoughts, feelings, events, interactions, people, places.Looking Back

Draw or write about the highlights of the day. About each one, ask:

How did I feel at the time? How do I feel about it now?

Afterward, study over what you have drawn or written and add any comments. Variations: This exercise can be used to focus on longer periods of time, such as a week, month, year, or whatever block of time has meaning for you.

Uses:At the end of the day (or any other period of time), this exercise can help you tie up loose ends, clear your mind, put things into perspective and perhaps clarify some lines of future action.


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