Think about the major challenge or problem in your life right now. Ask yourself:

What am I struggling with? Is it within me or without?

Close your eyes and visualize your struggle. See if any images come to mind. Really feel the nature of the struggle and see if you have any physical reactions or symptoms that seem related to it, e.g., “pain in the neck”, headache, upset stomach, etc.Current Challenge

Draw the struggle. Give the drawing a name.

Let the drawing speak to you. Imagine what it would say to you if it could talk. Respond to it and write out your conversation on another page as though it were a script for a play.

Uses:When you are especially plagued with worry, tension, etc., this exercise can help you get to the heart of the problem and lead the way to confronting the problem and resolving it. If you uncover physical symptoms in connection with this exercise, turn to Body Talks, My Self as a continuation. It deals directly with physical reactions and their causes and possible preventive measures.


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