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What do you do to nurture the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your being? Make four lists, one for each category. Under each heading write the people, places, things, and activities in your life that develop that particular aspect. As you write each item down, visualize it and re-experience your enjoyment of it. Really conjure up the sensory impressions of these nurturing elements in your life.

Every day, do something to nurture and develop each of these four aspects of yourself. Write out a daily checklist with a plan of what you intend to do. Write down the activities with your non-dominant hand. At the end of the week, review your list to see how you did.

This is a method for becoming aware of and expressing the four aspects of your being and thereby developing your whole self. This technique can help you stay balanced and in alignment, since each part of you is getting positive attention and reinforcement. If you are weak or having problems in any particular aspect, give it extra opportunities to express and develop.


Physical: Roller skate
Emotional: Draw in journal
Mental: Read for an hour, attend lecture
Spiritual: Meditate, read spiritual book

Physical: Take walk at the beach, attend dance class
Emotional: Write about an emotional experience.
Mental: Attend a class in writing
Spiritual: Meditate, visit meditation garden

Physical: Ride bike, exercise at home
Emotional: Go to lunch and art museum with friends
Mental: Watch educational video
Spiritual: Attend seminar in spiritual meditation

Physical: Exercise at home, doing spontaneous movement to music
Emotional: Play musical instrument or listen to music
Mental: Read
Spiritual: Attend meditation group

Physical: Ride bike or take walk
Emotional: Attend play
Mental: Read and write in journal
Spiritual: Meditate