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Turn your attention inward and ask yourself:
How do I feel right now?

Close your eyes and meditate on the question for awhile. Pay attention to physical sensations and emotional feelings. See if any visual images or words come to mind which express how you feel at this moment in time.

While your eyes were closed, you may have seen images, colors, words, or symbols. Or you simply may have felt some physical sensations or emotions. Channel them out in any form or style: doodles, scribbles, shapes, textures, images, or words.How Do I Feel Now

When you are finished, look over what you have done. Do you have any reactions? If so, write them down on the next page in your journal.

Uses: This is perhaps the basic and most often-used exercise in Creative Journal-keeping. It is especially helpful when you have very powerful feelings that are difficult to handle. You can pinpoint exactly how you feel and then examine and clarify what you want to do with your feelings in everyday life. This exercise encourages you to pause and reflect, to discharge or release feelings, to sort out and clarify and, perhaps, articulate more clearly where you're at.