2020 Workshops & Public Events

Burlingame, CA

Weekend Retreat: June 5, 6 & 7, 2020

Claiming Our Hearts Desire by Healing Your Inner Child
Exploring your true heart's desire by meeting your Inner Child and building a healthy Inner Family
  • Lucia Capacchione
  • Claire Perkins
  • Beth Breedlove
Lucia will be the keynote presenter on June 5 She will discuss the basics of the Inner Child/Inner Family work which she originated. She will also do a demonstration of Voice Dialogue technique for interviewing Inner Family sub-personalities.

Co-sponsors and presenters on June 6 & 7 are facilitators who trained with Dr. Capacchione in Creative Journal Expressive Arts:
  • Claire Perkins, CJEA
  • Beth Breedlove, CJEA
Contact: Beth Breedlove (408) 771-5351or Claire Perkins (602) 300-8846

To register go to: www.claireperkins.com/nocalcjea/ or www.nocalcjea.com

Creative Journal Expressive Art Certification Training

Next Creative Journal Expressive Art Certification Training:
October 14 - 30, 2020
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