2019 Workshops

2019 Workshops



Lucia is not offering workshops for the general public this year. She is offering training programs for professionals (see below)

Workshops presenting Lucia’s methods are offered by CJEA facilitators in the US, Canada and many other countries. These professionals were trained and certified by Lucia in her Creative Journal Expressive Arts Training Program.

To find a certified facilitator in your area, go to INSTRUCTORS. You can also email us at cjea@charter.net for referral to a CJEA certified instructor in your area.


Lucia will be offering a 4 day training workshop for professionals in Somatic Trauma Release Work and Hellinger Color Field Therapy (mat work). Open to professionals in mental health, education, medicine and healing. Location: Cambria, CA. Dates to be announced.

For more information contact us a cjea@charter.net.


For professionals who want certification in applying Lucia’s methods in mental health, education, counseling, and more. All instruction at the intensives is done by Lucia. Field work supervision during the year of training is provided by Dr. Marsha Nelson.

Training begins with a week long intensive October 26 – November 1, 2019 in Templeton, CA
See TRAINING for more information about Creative Journal Expressive Arts Certification.

Fee Schedule for C.J.E.A. Training (US funds)

Tuition fees only listed below.
(Room, board and transportation not included in fee)

Fees paid in installments

Non-refundable registration/administrative fee: $220 USD

Two week long Intensives (includes art materials) Location: Templeton, CA USA
Introductory Intensive at beginning of training: $1850 
Final Intensive at end of year: $1300

Guided Assisting

Assist at workshops conducted by Dr. Capacchione, Dr. Nelson or other master teacher (4 days):  $440
Field work Supervision: $1,435 (paid in quarterly installments)

Consists of assignments under the direction of Dr. Marsha Nelson, field supervisor. These include reading, reports, planning and marketing workshops, and other applications of CJEA methods. Towards the end of the trainee’s year a certified supervisor observes a workshop in progress. A case study and timeline of the trainee’s accomplishments during the year are also required.